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Hiking & Rappelling Tours

I am a certified rappelling guide with over 10 years' experience, a graduate of the Wingate college. I organize and guide rappelling and hiking trips in Israel, mainly because it's fun! Yes, it's hard, sometimes grueling, dusty and sweaty, but the best experiences in life come with lots of sweat!

Most people will go rappelling for the adrenaline rush, but I find it relaxing. Taking a day or two off from the hectic everyday rush and finding beautiful places that you can only experience with the aid of ropes.

Come with me to the desert! To the most impressive, craziest, and yes, sometimes the hardest trails you can imagine! Picture this: you are hanging over a cliff's edge, blue sky above, chill water below, you are immersed in the wild, beautiful, majestic scenery, the adrenaline is coursing through your veins and yet you are perfectly safe. It's almost like flying!

I love to introduce these wonderful experiences and locations to people. I love to deliver them to the end of the trail all sweaty, dusty and tired, with aching muscles they didn't even know they have but with a spark in their eyes, and send them home safely with a new appreciation for the wild!

And with a taste of more!

You can see a few of the trails I offer below. There are more, and we can plan a multi-day trek as well.

Contact me for more details!

Tmarim 9.jpg

Wadi Tmarim

This is not a long gorge, but it's one of the more impressive trails in Israel. It combines an arduous climb to the top of the trail, and five tall rappels


Rahaf Gorge

One of the most beautiful trails in the Judean Desert, in a narrow gorge with a series of dry waterfalls and deep flood pools.

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-06 at 10.39.21.jpeg

Keshet Cave

Rappelling off a rock arch at the edge of a huge cliff that provides an incredible view of the Galilee, from Mt. Meron to the sea.


Wadi Halamish

This is one of the lesser known trails in the Southern Judean Desert. It has a few rappels in a magnificent desert gorge and joins the Zohar valley.

21012011607 (2).jpg


A beautiful desert gorge adjacent to the Kumeran ruins. The trail has two parts, so we can hike either one, or both.

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-27 at 22.11.23.jpeg

Black Crevasse

One of the prettiest trails in Israel. The trail cuts through black basalt rock, passable only by rappelling into deep pools and swimming.

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