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Hikes and Walks

The land of Israel is blessed with a huge variety of wonderful hiking trails through forests and streams, deserts, sea and sand, mountains and valleys, natural springs and historical sites from all ages.

As a tour guide I lead tours all over Israel to visit, experience and enjoy these sites and trails. I love to expose this land to my groups, to explore and experience what it has to offer, from the smallest of insects or plants to grand views that fill the horizon.

Join me as we explore dark caves, cool off in fresh natural springs, walk through deep canyons, lookout from mountain tops, visit crusader forts, experience biblical stories right where they happened! We'll clamber over boulders, swim across pools of water, and taste wild plants and spices. We'll take moonlit hikes in the desert, and even camp under the stars!

Contact me, join one of my tours, or we'll design a tailor made trip just for you!

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Full Moon Hikes

The desert under a full moon is magical! The view, the hills and valleys, the land is aglow in a silvery light!


Flower Walks

There are flowers all year round in Israel if you know where to look. But Spring brings an explosion of color and shape, taste and smell!


Desert Hikes

About 60% of Israel is desert. But the desert is varied and full of surprises, forms and phenomena. And there's lots of life if you just look!


Adventure Hikes

I especially love adventure hikes. Overcoming the challenge is part of the goal. The rest is getting to those places only reachable this way!

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