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So who is this Ben person anyway?

Born in Upstate NY, I've lived in Israel since I was 8 years old. I've lived on a Moshav in Sinai until the evacuation after the peace treaty with Egypt, when the moshav was relocated to the Negev.

I went to high-school in Sde-Boker, where I found my passion for nature, the desert, and Israel. After my military service I studied biology at the Ben Gurion University in Beer-Sheva, and plant protection at the Faculty of Agriculture in Rehovot.

I am a certified rappelling guide in Israel from the Wingate college of extreme sports, a graduate of the Geotours* Tour Guide's course, and a certified Israeli tour guide from the Yad Ben Zvi institute in Jerusalem.

I'm a nature boy at heart. My passion is the outdoors, to experience the wilderness, to feel Nature surrounding me in all its glory. I travel and go hiking whenever I have the opportunity both in Israel and abroad.

I organize and guide hikes and rappelling trips for small, intimate groups, families and friends and I invite you to travel with me, to join me in our love of the land, to discover new worlds, to get to know our surroundings and to breach the limits of our imagination.

All the photos in my site are mine, either taken by myself or other participants of my trips.

* Geotours is one of the leading tour operators in Israel.

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