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Rahaf Gorge

Wadi Rahaf crosses the plateau of the Judean Desert and creates a deep gorge as it approaches the Great Rift Valley. The gorge is a beautiful desert canyon full of dry waterfalls, boulders, and refreshing flood pools.

The hike starts with a tough climb up the Rahaf ascent to the entrance to the gorge. Along the way you'll enjoy the fantastic scenery of the southern Dead Sea and the Mountains of Moab.

You'll enter the gorge, whose walls reach up to 150 meters high, and spend the rest of the day rappelling the dry waterfalls, sometimes rappelling directly into deep pools that you'll have to swim across!

You will rappel 7-8 falls in Wadi Rahaf, of heights varying between 8 and 45 meters.

One of the reasons I love this trail so much is because it is always new. Each flash flood changes it - where there was once a deep pool that you had to swim across there might be just gravel that the last flood deposited there. In another place, where a pool was filled with gravel, the last flood may have pushed it all out and left a deep pool of cool water. There are even some spots that require a rappel one day and just a short jump another, that doesn't even require a rope!

Every visit to this trail is like the first time!

The Wadi Rahaf trail has a track out from the middle, so if you get to the halfway point and you see it's getting late, or you're too tired to continue, you can 'escape' the trail in the middle.

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